MY SPACE - Experiment
15th june 8.30 p.m

choreographer performer: Barbara Berti
Music: Timothée Demoury
A body in a small space. A body, in balance between escape from the idea to show yourself,
the continuous images, associations and stereotypes that the mind produces
and the experiences that it lives in every seconds.
A experiment about use different ideas to build a dialog and a performance, for talk about the same topic.
Questions come out…between behaviors, responsabilities and fun.

Price: between 5-7 euro


15th June 10.00 p.m
CINEMA !!!!!!
price: 2 euro


Laura Weider und Klavier
25.05 -  22 Uhr
price: 5 euro


 21.4. & 22.4. 10-14 h: Dance-Workshop with Topi Barbara Berti

Please contact (before of 19th april):  ........see flyer on Startpage!


6.4.2012 21 Uhr

OLIVER TWIST by Langzaam
Oliver Twist, a young orphan, has had it with the strict rules of the orphanage. When he finds a way out he’s in for quite an adventure! Driven by an unstoppable hunger for recognition he ends up in the center of commercial music: New York City. Soon pop culture turns out to be not merely beautiful, but also a place of hidden lies and deceit. Will Oliver be able to distinguish what’s real from what’s not? 
This performance Art Adaptation of Charles Dickens 'Oliver Twist' is bizar, extravagant and above all, very sparkling. 
Concept           : Chris Borowski
Performers      : Marielle kleyn Winkel, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding, Chris Borowski
Langzaam is a collaboration between Chris Borowski (PL), Daniel-Ryan Spaulding (CA) and Marielle kleyn Winkel (NL). Each with different performance art background coming from physical theatre, dance and stand-up comedy they are eager to meet each other troughout different countries in order to create extravagant performances. 


Workshop with Topi Barbara Berti - 7.4. & 8.4. 10-14 h
please contact: ...see Flyer on Startpage!

 regelmäßige Trainingseinheiten in ZIRKONIA 

Montag           20:30 - 22 Uhr Akroyoga (mit Jens Dube)
                                                         (Yogamatte bitte mitbringen, wenn ihr habt)


19:30 Uhr Akrobatik und Handstand (mit Katrin Burchard)
                          20:30 - 23 Uhr offenes Zirkustraining

Donnerstag    16 - 17 Uhr Kinder-Zirkus-Kurs (mit Anna Bösche
                                               (Please contact us for informations!!)

                          18 - 19.30 Contact class with Lara Martelli
                          19 - 20 Uhr angeleitetes Aufwärmen für:
                           20 - 23 Uhr contactimpro tanz jam (begleitende music jam)

Massage day (for details contact us!)

Preise:     Zirkustraining -3 €; 5 € inkl. Anleitung davor (Akrobatik/Jonglage)
                  Akroyoga - 5 € 
                  Kinder-Zirkus-Kurs - 5€

                  Kinder-Zirkus-Kurs - 7-8€

                  contact jam session - 3 €; 5€ inkl. angeleitetes Aufwärmen